Zakiya fola of FOLA MANAGEMENT

Artist Manager | Artist Developer

Fola Management, LLC (FM), is an artist management company; it assists in creating excellence - and career-sustaining brands. Committed to cultivating relationships that empower clients and communities for meaningful, mutually helpful, and lasting legacies. We identify attainable objectives by using the very best resources - efficiently and with personal care. FM offers a number of services to artists: day to day management of schedule & calendar, the booking/negotiating of performance arrangements & appearances, timely and consistent follow up, responsive email maintenance, and more. We are honored to, in the most positive professional environment, advocate with world-class care for the artist-performer or ensemble with unique follow-through. We handle all logistical details that need to be handled in order for the world to get the opportunity to experience Fola Management artist brilliance. In doing so, our musicians have more time and energy to do what they love - to create music and to share that music with others through performance and education.

It is important to me that my current and future artists know that what I do for them doesn’t feel like work. It is truly life-affirming to assist artists as they strive to reach their goals.
— Zakiya Fola, Founder

Fola is the founder's middle name and in Swahili it means honor.  Our company believes that to honor means to use your gifts, those talents we've each been blessed with and to assist others. In doing so you honor your individual and collective self.  For our owner, Zakiya Fola Powell, being a jazz musician, has enabled her to not only have an ear for talent and discipline but to also have the necessary business administration education and professional work experience to bring out the best in musicians creatively without worryingworry about the tedious business needs.

Fola Management was formed because Zakiya intended to create a business where she is living her dream and true calling - to facilitate artistic greatness, to create platforms for that greatness to be witnessed, and to connect musicians of all generations.